BEOX Royal Gold 24K Luminous Gel Straightener 500ml | Formaldehyde Free Keratin Treatment | Suitable For Afro And Extremely Curly Hair


BEOX Royal Gold 24K Luminous Gel Straightener 500ml | Formaldehyde Free Keratin Treatment | Suitable For Afro And Extremely Curly Hair

Our newest line of Royal Gold 24K products has active ingredients from fruits and oils found in the depths of Amazon. Our 5 products compliment each other with effectiveness that ensures taking care of the hair from every aspect - smoothing and eliminating frizz, restoring damaged hair fibres and split ends while adding an extreme shine and softness.

Infused with Glossy Gold, a blend of acids and oils, it will restore and hydrate damaged hair. 

500ml Royal Gold 24K Luminous Straightener is designed to smooth and straighten afro hair and hair with stubborn curls. It contains 45% of amino acids, making it the strongest product from our smoothing lines.

Due to its gel consistency, the Royal Gold 24K Luminous Straightener penetrates easily into porous damaged hair ensuring an even coverage. Its exclusive blend of acids, oils and proteins helps to realign the hair, leaving it smoother, straighter, soft and shiny.

  • Eliminates frizz
  • Reduces unwanted volume
  • Reduces drying time
  • Protects hair from humidity
  • Long lasting results 4-5 months
  • Recommended for afro hair and stubborn curls
  • Free of Formaldehyde
  • Adds shine and softness
  • Repairs damaged hair 

The after care line consist of 
ShampooMask and Oil that are Parabens, Sulphates, and Silicone-free. Products are suitable for all types of hair.

Home Care Line

Both Shampoo and Mask have been designed for frequent use, (can be applied daily), leaving hair healthy and extremely shiny and silky especially after smoothing treatment. Its use can prolong the effect of straightening results. Developed from rich active ingredients, the mask nourishes and deeply hydrates the hair, restoring its elasticity, silkiness and softness.

PRACAXI OIL (Pentaclehtra Macroloba): According to recent researches, this fruit oil contains highest Behenic acid concentration (19%) which is 6 times higher than in peanut oil.

The extract is applied in cosmetic industry, both in makeup and hair treatments due to its humectants properties. Pracaxi trees originate from Brazil, Guiana, Trinidad & Tobago and other countries in South and Central America.

Pracaxi oil is rich in Vitamins and fatty acids. Highly hydrating and nutritive, establishes a protective film around hair fiber, keeping hair strands protected from sun rays harmful effects, such as fading, drying and frizz. Pracaxi also extends hydration of hair and controls volume and conditions hair fibre, resulting in silky texture on extremely damaged, bleached or coloured hair.

OJON OIL (Elaeis Oleifera): Ojon Palm tree is found by Madeira River, in Brazilian Amazon, where large groups of this plant grow up together. Also found in Central America, Ojon is the only organic component that presents the same composition of hair keratin. Very rich in amino acids, antioxidants and lipids, Ojon is ideal for hair reconstruction, smoothness and flexibility. Suitable for bleached and chemically treated hair, such as mechanical and thermal treatments damages, Ojon deeply hydrates and avoids frizz.

Ojon oil is very efficient for hair loss and scurf and is also a very important component in Mask treatments, Creams and shampoos.

BURITI OIL (Maurittia Flexuosa): Buriti, an Amazon palm tree, rich in fatty acids and vitamins, is a powerful antioxidant with its revitalizing properties, sunscreen effect and deep hydration purpose.

 Frequently used in medicines and cosmetics, Buriti nourishes hair and skin, preventing early aging, frizz and brittle hair.


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In the Starter Pack you will receive:

1x Royal Gold 24K Luminous Straightener 500ml
1x KeraPrime Purifying Shampoo 1L
1x Royal Gold 24K Luminous Shampoo 500ml  
1x Royal Gold 24K Luminous Mask 500ml

6x Royal Gold 24k Luminous Home Care Set (Shampoo 250ml, Mask 250ml)

6x Royal Gold 24K Glow On Gold Repair Oil

Accessories: bowl, brush, apron, comb, scales, sectioning clips, ear protectors

FREE Certified Online Training (worth £149+VAT)

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