Beox 1 Step Solution 120ML

£25.00 +VAT

KeraPrime Solution Reconstructor Tricomplex is the best way to tame unruly hair, reducing any unwanted volume.

It was developed as one step process to straighten hair and promote softness with a smooth lasting effect.

Its formulation is enriched with a Fiber Protein System – an exclusive technology complex of oils and proteins that replaces the amino acids and nutrients, ensuring the hair fibre alignment into its desired shape, avoiding colour fading.


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KeraPrime 1 Step Solution is suitable for all hair types, especially for blonde hair thanks to the purple colour of the treatment (eliminates yellow tones). The process has now evolved so that leaving the treatment on for 3 days is no longer required.

This smoothing system is suitable for all hair types thanks to Blend of Amino acids such as Lactic Acid and Lacto Bionic

It realigns the hair, repairs the cuticle and keeps the cortex intact

In addition, it prevents hair breakage while ads shine

  • Free of Formaldehyde, Carbocysteine, Glyoxylic Acid, and Gluten
  • Eliminates Frizz
  • Reduces volume
  • Quicker styling
  • Adds shine and softness
  • Protects from humidity
  • Long lasting effect 12-16 weeks



KeraPrime Solution is enriched with Fiber Protein System - a complex of oils and proteins with an exclusive repair technology, which replaces the amino acids and nutrients, aligning the hair fiber into the desired shape, avoiding fading and yellowing of the hair.

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