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Beox Barber Style Strong Shampoo 170ML

Strong Shampoo 3in1 – Paraben and Salt_free Formula

Multi-vitamin shampoo that can be used on hair, beard and body.

Active ingredients
• Formulate with Biotin, Wheat Protein and Menthol active ingredients enriched with Vitamin H and Provitamin B5
• Promotes restoration, nutrition and takes control of excess oil, making hair and beard stronger while promoting its growth


Multi-vitamin shampoo that can be used on hair, beard, and body.

Formulated with Biotin, Wheat Protein and Menthol active ingredients enriched with Vitamin H and Provitamin B5, it promotes restoration and nutrition and takes control of excess oil, making hair and beard stronger and promoting growth. Paraben and salt-free formula.

Beox Brazilian Curly Moisturizing Curly Shampoo 300ML

Moisturising Curly Shampoo

has been developed with exclusive active ingredients.

It provides you with smooth cleansing without damaging hair.

Active ingredients

• Ginger, Guarana, Pomegranate Extract – this mixture promotes hair minerals, repairs as well as reduces frizz, making curls look smoother, silkier an easier to manage


Beox KeraPrime Daily Care Shampoo Salt-Free 300ML

KeraPrime Daily Care Shampoo and Conditioner have been specially developed for the aftercare of keratin treated hair to achieve longer lasting results.

These exclusive formulations use Cast Guard System to add protection to the hair, while cleaning and conditioning, strengthening and restoring keratin and vital nutrients.

The results are healthy, shiny, deeply nourished and silky smooth hair.

Active ingredients
• Exclusive Cast Guard System compound: A compound rich in nourishing vitamins, proteins, and oils, with high antioxidant and nourishing power, it increases strength and reduces strand porosity. It restores the molecular weight and creates a cationic polymer, protecting the hair from heat and prolonging colour and smoothness for much longer.

• Olea Europaea Fruit Oil (Olive Oil): An excellent natural emollient providing smoothness and vitality to the strands. It is purifying and calming and recovers elasticity, besides providing a lot of shine to the hair. The oil is also a powerful antioxidant, indicated for coloured hair as it provides a more vibrant colour for much longer, besides rejuvenating the capillary fibre, thus avoiding cracks and consequential breaking.