Beplex products contain a unique formula with Collagen, Sodium PCA, Amino Acid Blend, Keratin, Arginine and Sea Algae that helps restore the hair after bleaching or colouring and strengthens and nourishes the hair.

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Beox Beplex Gel Protector & Mask Perfector 20x10g Sachets

Beplex is exclusive power protection, with Collagen and Sodium PCA.

Works inside of the hair fibres at the moment of bleaching or colouring processes, minimising the damage caused by oxidation without compromising the lightness, resistance or the hair’s integrity.

Suitable for all hair types, Beplex works to fortify the bonds responsible for strength and resistance, allowing the mixture of bleaching powder and hydrogen peroxide to stay longer on the hair without damaging it, providing a super healthy bleaching experience.

Beplex’s special formula includes Amino Acid Blends, Keratin, Arginine, Marine Algae and Aloe Vera which rebalance hair’s pH, prevent hair breakage, increase strength, shine and nutrition to the hair. It leaves hair strong, healthy and aligned.


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