Accessories for professional hairstylists. All you need for colour or keratin treatment services

Acca Cappa Tail Comb White

This tail comb is made entirely from carbon fibers infused with silver ions. The unique properties found in carbon fibers eliminate static electricity typically produced by plastic materials, making the combs perfectly anti-static. The silver ions contain antibacterial properties that effectively eliminate and prevent the spread of bacteria. The antistatic and antimicrobial properties of carbon combs are effective and long-lasting.

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BEOX Apron Black

A protective apron to be used with any chemical or colouring process to protect your clothing from damage and discolouration.

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Digital Weighing Scales

PRECISE MEASUREMENT: 11lb/5kg capacity with a division of 0.1oz/1g. High precision strain gauge sensors that deliver trustworthy results every time.ULTRA SLIM DESIGN: With 1.4cm height, this ultra-slim kitchen scale makes your storage easier. It’s also convenient for you to bring it outside.SLEEK & STURDY DESIGN: 18cm x 14cm stainless steel platform providing a durable and easy-to-clean measuring surface.USER-FRIENDLY: Quick unit convert from g to oz, ml, lb/oz and get the results on the easy-to-read LCD display; with beautiful backlit display and low battery and overload indication.

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